Awaken Your Inner Connoisseur with theUltimate Spirits Glass

Official Spirits Judging Glass for:  2014 SIP Awards, San Diego International Spirits Competition, Craft Spirits Awards International, Wine and Spirits Wholesalers Association; 2013 New York World Wine and Spirits Competition, Santa Barbara Tequila Harvest Festival, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Beverage Industry News 2013 Editors Choice for Excellence Award,  Official Judging glass 2013 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival, 2012 Best New Bar Product Award Vegas Seven Magazine

Whiskeys, bourbon, single malt scotch, rums, tequilas, and vodkas are now being distilled by artisan craft distillers with intriguing, unique flavors and much higher quality, but it’s difficult to discern what’s best when nose numbing alcohol ruins your sense of smell.

The world is overrun with nonfunctional glassware designed solely for style appeal, and all have one thing in common.  They collect all aromas, including alcohol right at your nose, where the first whiff is strong nose burn, then numbing.  What if a spirits glassware could move strong alcohol away from your nose to detect wonderful aromas?

What if one spirits glass could replace all bar glasses, whiskey tumblers, single malt scotch glasses, bourbon glasses, brandy snifters, Riedels, Glencairn whiskey glasses, rocks glasses, copitas, sherry and port glasses?  Just one truly functional spirits nosing and tasting glass you could depend on every time with any spirit?

The NEAT glass introduces “The Experience”.  Until now, glassware existed only to transfer beverage from container to mouth.  Years of research uncovered the links between human physiology and molecular behavior, creating Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology. NEAT presents The Experience, to unlock the hidden dimensions of distilled spirits for your exquisite pleasure and hedonistic enjoyment.     

We are......Changing the way the world drinks.

Imported, hand-made, lead-free crystal, engineered to present all spirits so nothing hides behind nose-numbing alcohol.   The Experience displays all aromas, enhances enjoyment, and guides you to make better value and purchasing decisions. 

Browse to answer questions, learn, and understand science, applications, and advantages of The Experience, and how to get the most from tasting and nosing fine spirits, or click on Shopping Cart to purchase.

  • NEAT Taster's Tote

    NEAT Taster's Tote
  • The Experience

    The Ultimate Spirits Glass made of ultrafine lead-free ChrystalynTM in box suitable for gifting
  • Experience Glass Pack - 2 Glasses

    The Ultimate Spirits Glass made of ultrafine lead-free ChrystalynTM in box suitable for gifting. Set of 2 glasses.
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