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In 2002, a simple glass blowing mistake created an amazing shape which displays the true expression of spirits, and launched a new, scientific approach to glass design, Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology (NEAT) the scientific foundation for the best spirits glass available.  To properly savor spirits, one needs a spirits nosing glass which displays aromas and accents flavor.

Studying human olfactory physiology and applying physical and chemistry science, we unlocked the hidden dimensions of distilled spirits with a spirits nosing glass that enhances drinking pleasure, enjoyment, and diagnostics. Nine years, fifty two design revisions, hundreds of tastings and aroma profile studies resulted in perfection - the NEAT spirits glass. The tulip glass is now “old school” obsolete and non-functional as more serious drinkers pick up the NEAT spirits glass to discover and understand true spirit character and quality.

Taste the Truth:  Taste and aroma are true measures of a spirit's quality.  Alcohol burn numbs the nose and overwhelms the truth, spoiling your drinking experience.  NEAT eliminates nose burn and numbing, enhancing ability to detect, savor, and enjoy the subtle, wonderful aromas the distiller intended. NEAT is the best spirits glass ever.

Science Drives Design, Form Follows Function:  NEAT spirits glass was tested against tulip whiskey glass, glencairn, and other spirits glasses under controlled, uniform conditions by University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) Chemistry Department to verify results.  Other whiskey nosing glasses and spirits glasses can’t compare to NEAT aromas and flavor. Science built a better glass.

How to Use:  Pour to max bowl diameter (1 1/2 oz),  swirl, hold level, and smell at center of the rim plane for characteristic aromas without alcohol.  Breathe in slowly with mouth CLOSED, evaluate.  NEAT spirits glass presents character aromas without alcohol.  Position nose at rim to smell alcohol and other high-end distillates.  Place nose deep inside glass for aroma profile same as with tall narrow glasses if you are in love with alcohol nose burn (not recommended).   Adding water shuts down evaporation and results in much less aroma to savor. Tulip whiskey glasses fail to focus aromas and instead, concentrate nose-numbing ethanol, destroying your sense of smell.

Major competitions chose the NEAT spirits glass over tulip whiskey glasses, copita, Glencairn, the whisky nosing glass, bourbon drinking glasses, tequila drinking glasses and all other spirits nosing glasses because the NEAT spirits glass displays all aromas and removes nose-numbing alcohol to expose the true quality of every spirit from whisky to vodka. Hands down the NEAT spirits glass is the best spirits nosing and tasting glass available, ever. Just ask the experts, judges, competition administrators. From collector to average drinker, NEAT spirits glass is the nosing glass and tasting glass of choice designed by true olfactory science. Many “wannabees” invent their own science and distort scientific principles to fit their marketing needs.