Why is the Tulip Glass so Popular?

Several reasons; (1) the spirits industry loves iconic identification (2) no one ever believed ethanol could be separated from character aromas, (3) most do not understand the effect of anesthetic ethanol, (4) most believe small rims prevent aromas from escaping detection, when they actually concentrate ethanol making detection more difficult, (5) there is always resistance to change, even if it is scientifically valid and (6) at the superficial level, its all about belonging to a male spirits drinking club. The NEAT spirits glass is about maximizing drinking enjoyment for everyone, and includes the much more sensitive noses of the ladies. The spirits industry has worked very hard to find “devices” to make their iconic tulip glass work better, to no avail. Breathing through the mouth and nose simultaneously, wafting, adding water, and not swirling are all measures which shut down ALL aromas, not just ethanol. Tulip glasses may identify you as a member of the “club” but they hinder your appreciation of fine spirits. Time to look ahead, spirits industry, and see the possibilities which could bring you out of the dark ages and greatly expand your audience. NEAT is the ultimate spirits glass (trademark).