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Applying scientific principles to alcohol beverage diagnostics improves overall appreciation of fine spirits.  Many educational and professional training programs do not reflect the true science of nosing and evaluation.  These are comments from educators who understand the power of using a tool designed for the job and who work hard daily to raise the quality bar within the industry. 

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Andrew Fanizzi

MPS, CFBE, Instructor, College of Southern Nevada, Hospitality Management: "Use of The NEAT glass has been very successful in our Liquor & Bar Management course. Students unfamiliar with drinking or tasting spirits straight and undiluted, can better appreciate the flavor nuances of various spirits without the nose-numbing effects of alcohol vapors. I have found no other vessel that achieves what The NEAT glass provides for objective tasting and analysis."

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Robin Robinson

Spirits Educator, Marketing Consultant: "What happens when we encounter spirits is pretty interesting: a swirl of complex aromas and flavors bound up in high alcohol wafting together from the glass to your nose. Intense alcohol causes burn and gets in the way of enjoying aromas. Modern glassware does not address that problem for the user, and the most popular glass on the market is designed for blending labs where alcohol is purposely diluted. With NEAT I pour bottle-strength or over-proof spirits, stick my nose in the "sweet spot" and experience exactly what the spirit is about without alcohol burn. That's pretty impressive. No other glass performs as well".

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Rockwell Rutter

Founder, Distillery University: Our goal is to provide our students with the best possible education and that means using the best tools. We use the NEAT glass in our sensory evaluation events in order to fully illustrate the finer points and nuances of each spirit without assaulting the nose and palate with distracting and unpleasant burning. Being able to pick out individual flavor and aroma notes in the spirit is crucial in order for a new distiller to develop their nose. The NEAT glass accomplishes this on every level.

Sadly many sommelier courses are still teaching myths: The non-existent tongue map, “legs” in the spirit, and small tulip glasses catch all aromas so none escape. Science is slow to catch on when industry leaders, brand ambassadors and educators continue to teach myth over scientific principle. The best spirits glass, nosing glass, and tasting glass is the NEAT spirits glass, designed to display aromas and remove nose-numbing alcohol. Tulip glasses such as the copita are obsolete, as are their design derivatives, the Glencairn, and other whisky glasses, as well as other scotch and bourbon glassware. The NEAT spirits glass is the best spirits glass for every spirit from whisky or whiskey, to vodka, including rum, tequila, cognac, gin, port, sherry, and all liqueurs. Who needs a nose numbed by anesthetic alcohol when tasting an expensive spirit? Not the educated spirits drinker, that’s for sure. That's why smart educators use the NEAT spirits glass over all tulip glasses.