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"We have rigorously tested the NEAT glass in comparative tastings with other spirits glasses.  It is the only glass that eliminates alcohol burn while enhancing aroma.  It showcases all the nuance and complexity the spirits producer intended" - ANTHONY DIAS BLUE, TASTING PANEL MAGAZINE


" Intense alcohol gets in the way of enjoying the aromas.  The most popular glass was designed for the blending lab where alcohol is purposely diluted.  With NEAT I can experience exactly what the spirit is about, without the alcohol burn.  That's pretty impressive, and it would be hard to find another glass that performs as well." -  ROBIN ROBINSON, SPIRITS EDUCATOR, ROBIN ROBINSON LLC



"The NEAT glass captures the essence of virtually every spirit by dissipating alcohol so you can pick up the subtleties in spirits like vodka, and softens high alcohol, barrel strength spirits, exposing the nuances of the distillation."  - TONY ABOU-GANIM, AUTHOR, THE MODERN MIXOLOGIST


"When it's all about spirit evaluation, The NEAT glass is by far the best nosing glass available in the marketplace today.  It allows users to detect more aroma fragrance while eliminating overpowering alcohol vapors.  I highly recommend the NEAT glass for the ultimate nosing experience" - VICTORIA VANN, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, BEVERAGE INDUSTRY NEWS, FOUNDER/CEO, ARACELI MARIGOLD LIQUEUR



“The NEAT Glass has been meticulously developed as a direct result of rigorous scientific testing and the results prove it.  The NEAT glass significantly reduces alcohol vapors for more consistent spirits tastings and interpretation.”  - MAX A. SOLANO, MIXOLOGIST, WHISKEY EXPERT, AND SPIRITS JUDGE



"NEAT enhances delicate flavors of creative cuisine and displays the spirit for complete appreciation of a pairing without overpowering alcohol aromas"  - ALEX STRATTA, CHEF EXTRAORDINAIRE, IRON CHEF, OMNI SCOTTSDALE



"The NEAT glass allows me to taste the purity in my spirits, not the alcoholic burn.  I use them along with the more traditional thistle glasses to give a point-counterpoint to flavor"  - WARREN BOBROW, AUTHOR, THE COCKTAIL WHISPERER